How To Save $1,000 on Paypal and Quickbooks Credit Card Processing!

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More Ways For Customers to Pay, Means More Ways For You To Save.
Now processing through PayPal and QuickBooks.

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We just signed up a company here in town, a pretty large heating and air firm that’s been around for 40 – 50 years and we’re going to save them about $6,000 a year versus PayPal and QuickBooks who charge 2.9 percent in credit card fees every single transaction.  And with our system they can still use QuickBooks, they can still use PayPal, they can still use those systems for their accounting and bookkeeping and online payments, but it’s going to go through our Gateway and we going to give them better rates for their merchant processing. 

And not only that, but they’re also going to be able to call or text our team here locally anytime 24 hours a day with the best service in the business where our team is standing by to help them out on site within 15 to 20 minutes.  Where are you going to find that kind of service and support in the merchant services industry? 

Our dedicated representatives are going to be there for you whenever you need them. That’s what we can do for you at First American and we’re excited about it. And this is how we help companies literally save tons on their bottom line! And that’s just from a rate savings standpoint. That’s just from cutting their rates. We’re not actually doing what’s called a cash discount program, which is a whole other level. We’ve got customers signed up on that who want to take that 2% that 3% whatever their total aggregate fees are, and they pass that along to their customers.

You can actually eliminate your credit card fees completely! However, that’s a whole other level that we can take you to. But in this case, this heating and air company doesn’t want to Go to that level, but in my opinion that’s the future and that’s where a lot of businesses are going to eventually go.  So, when you’re ready we can take you there and we can eliminate your credit card fees completely.

I think eventually all businesses are going to be doing that and eventually you will walk into every store and they’re going to charge you 2% or 3% percent on card transactions because, business owners are tired of having to pay those fees, especially for those rewards cards, where they are literally paying for someone’s rewards!   You know if a business owner doesn’t have to incur those costs on every single transaction what could be done with all that money?

3% percent, that could mean thousands of dollars over time and we can help you do that. We can help cut your rates, cut your costs, but not only that we can Process through QuickBooks, we can process through PayPal. Through our Gateway we can cut your rates & put that money back into your pocket and give you much, much better service to where you can call or text our team anytime 24 hours a day.  Our average hold time (is 30-40 seconds). 

Our customer service has won awards for this. We won the ATSI Call Center award 8 years in a row for our Superior customer service simply because you can call or text our team anytime night or day. And again, I’ve said this before. But you might be thinking well, I don’t have a problem with my credit cards.  I don’t need to call for service. You never know because you might have a chargeback. You might have a fraudulent transaction you ran on Pos system, point of sale system. You might have a machine that goes down. You might have a question just on your daily balance and your summary reports.

You know, when it comes to my money, I like to look someone in the eye shake their hand and know I can trust them.   And that’s what we can do for you. So, click below. We’d love to help you save money on QuickBooks processing or PayPal processing and yes, save you money on your online processing and give you the best service in the country where you can call or text us anytime. We’d love to hear from you, reach out and call us. Just click below. We can’t wait to see you! Have a great week.

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