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Want to pay 2.9% to PayPal/Stripe? Or as little as 1% with First American AND get 24/7 personalized service?

The choice is up to you.

Save Money on Online Website Payments - Want to pay 2.95% to PayPal/Stripe? Or as little as 1% with First American and get 24/7 text support?
Brrrrrr it’s cold out here! Good morning, everybody. Wanted to reach out to you and to all those business owners out there who might be looking at website processing and online payment processing for your business.  And if you’re looking for merchant services and online credit card processing for your website, it’s an important decision.  Yes we’ve talked about our credit card machines, our POS (Point of Sale) Systems, Mobile Chip Readers and even Quickbooks processing, but here’s how to save money on Online Website Payment processing.

Especially because of the Covid environment and everything going on these days, we’re seeing a rise in online payments.  Setting up credit card processing online is essential to help grow your business and stay up with all the changes going on in our culture and in the current marketplace. 
I mean shoot, look at the Covid environment. Everything is going digital and everything’s going online recently.  So if you’ve got a business and you’re looking to take cards for that business online…. Tell me what’s the better merchant services provider: processing 2.9% with PayPal and Stripe? Or to pay less than 1% on most debit cards with First American!  Where we can give you fast local customer service.  
You can call or text our team anytime 24 hours a day! 

Which one’s better, I mean shoot you can go with the big companies. You can go with the PayPal’s, you go with the Stripes, everybody knows them, and go to Square. You can pay a flat 2.9% or a flat 2.6%, or shoot 3.5% percent if you’re key entering it with Square….  or you can pay less than 1% on most debit cards with us!  

You may ask, How do we have such low rates at First American?

Here’s the secret sauce.

First, you have to understand that we are a highly regulated business and back in 2010 the government passed a regulation, called the Durbin Amendment which capped most debit Rate fees.  It was sponsored by Dick Durbin in Congress .  And it capped all debit rate fees on all debit cards issued by large Banks.

Basically, the stipulation is any bank with $10 billion in assets or more is considered a regulated bank.   So any of the debit cards issued by those large banks are capped at less than 1%!!  Therfore, anybody that pays you with a Wells Fargo card, or a Chase card, or a US Bank, or Bank of America card, any of those large nationwide banks, and it goes through the system, they are going to be charged an Interchange rate capped at Less than 1%! 

Well, the funny thing about that regulation is when they capped those debit rate fees by all large Banks, and they lowered the interchange rates, most processors kept their rates the same!  So that’s why you see the PayPal’s, you see the Stripes, you see the Squares, who have the flat rates of 2.9% or 3.5%  percent or whatever the case may be, they kept their rates the same!  The Interchange rate went down, but all that did is it help them make more money!!  And a bigger profit spread. 

We don’t do that at First American.

We pass the savings along to you, and we give you that lower rate. So you can Save Money on Online Website Payments. We want to help businesses like yours thrive and succeed. Especially in today’s environment where business owners are struggling just to make it through the challenges that we face each and every day.
Let us help you do that a First American.  Not only are we going to help you save money, and put that money back in your pocket.  But also give you the peace of mind of that technical support and service that you need.

Service? Why is that important?  Here’s a real life example. 

Here’s why.  We just got a call this morning from a business owner who had a dispute with a cardholder on a chargeback, basically saying he didn’t want the product anymore and he didn’t want to pay for it.  And yet the cardholder wouldn’t return it, and he thought he should be able to just keep the product, but not have to give the money back!  And so instead he disputed the charge. 

You see, by the Visa/MasterCard regulations, every cardholder has the legal right to dispute any charge for 6 months from the date of that transaction. And if that happens to you, who are you going to turn to?   Are you going to call an 800 number and sit on hold for a half an hour and hope your processor is going to help you? 

Our customers can literally call or text our cell phone anytime.   Our customer just texted me this morning.  We’re going to go to bat for him and get all the documentation.  It took him about 5 minutes with me on the phone to help him through that process. We’re going to go to bat for him and we’re going to help Him fight off that chargeback and do everything we can to go to battle with the card issuing Banks to help him fight off that chargeback.

Because the business owner didn’t do anything wrong! He rendered a service, he offered him a product and he got paid in exchange for it!   Who are you going to turn to if there’s a problem or an issue like that? Let us help you at First American.

This customer got a suspicious phone call…..

We received a 2nd message this morning from one of our largest merchants when they were contacted by someone asking for their MCC code, which is a code known only to card issuing banks.  And she wasn’t sure how to respond.  Not only did we get back to her right away, but we also informed her that it might be a fraudulent situation because NO ONE needs that MCC code, except scammers who can use it against you to code fraudulent charges.  It’s only something that is used by the card issuers themselves. 

One thing I learned right away when I joined the credit card industry is that it needs A LOT more honestly.  Who is going to help you & inform you in those situations?  Who can you turn to in those highly volatile instances to avoid the pitfalls in the fraud-ridden credit card world? 

That’s what First American can do for you.

You need that dedicated service. You need that personal merchant services support. From somebody who’s going to help you walk through that process.  And you may think to yourself….. “Well, I never have a problem or an issue with my credit card processing.”  But what if something like that happens to you!?  What if you run into a fraudulent charge?  What if you run into a card holder who wants to take advantage of the system? Let us help you at First American.  Call or text my team today.  

Just click here and we’ll help you Save Money on Online Website Payments processing.   We’ll help you get set up with lower rates in credit card processing and lower merchant services fees. Put that money back in your pocket for your family so you can achieve your dreams.  And help you thrive and succeed in today’s environment and take advantage of the digital Marketplace, which is growing by Leaps and Bounds!   Let us help you do that at First American.

And if you need credit card machines, or POS (Point of Sale) Systems, like Clover POS, or Mobile Chip Readers and even Quickbooks processing please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. 

God bless.  Happy New Year & Happy holidays, Merry Christmas!   And thanks to all of us from First American. We appreciate all your business over the last year and we can’t wait to serve you in 2021 to help you thrive and grow so you can do even better in the coming year.

Contact us today and Save Money on Online Website Payments. Click down below for our contact info.  We can’t wait to talk to you soon.


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