How to Increase Your Sales – Follow Ups

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How to Increase Your Sales - Follow Ups
How to Increase Your Sales

For all of you sales people out there that might be looking for, another edge or another level to reach in your sales, this is for you. Maybe you’re just looking to improve their sales. Today I’m going to share with you something that’s worked for us in the credit card processing business, including POS systems and merchant services sales. Here’s How you can Increase your sales: better Follow Ups. If you’re looking for a way to increase your sales, let me just give you a little tip. We closed a sale today, it was a business that I’ve been following up with now for over a year. And I’ve been after them and after them, continually following up with them, over the course of many months.

And finally, after all of the follow-ups over a year, I finally just said, “you know what, I think this guy he’s probably just wasting my time. He’s probably not gonna move forward.”

Then Lo and behold, I was out at the zoo with my kids, and we got a call from this guy. And he finally said “I’m ready to move forward.” And this guy is actually a salesperson himself. He’s won several awards in sales. He is a very good salesman and he’s turned a lot of people away, I think simply because of that. He kind of knows the tricks of the trade.

But what impressed him the most was the persistence of me & my team in continuing to follow up with him when it came to his credit card processing and merchant services. Continuously staying on top of him. And finally, he saw that persistence. He saw that perseverance. It showed him that we’re going to do what we said we were going to do…. and we’re going to be there for the Long Haul for him.

And if we’re going to persist that hard with sales, he KNOWS we’re going to persist in taking care of him and giving him great service.

So if you’re looking for a little sales tip: The money is in the follow-up, the gold is in the follow up. Just following up with people, staying on top of them. Staying on track with that potential client, staying in touch each week or once a month. And keeping track of those leads to where you’re continually following up with them on a regular basis.

That’s one thing that we do at First American, we really take a lot of pride in taking care of our customers and staying on top of them, and making sure they’re happy. We want to make sure you’re getting the best credit card processing rates, getting the best merchant services in the business at First American.

Because ultimately, you can find the fly-by-nights, you can even look online, you can get a Square chip reader. You know, you can get a Clover Point of sale machine. It is easy to find those things online, but what you can’t find is somebody who’s going to take care of you. Someone that’s going to be there for you. We work to continue to follow up, continue to stay on top of your business. We want to give you that service that you deserve for your business that you need. Our aim is to be that persistent persevering partner in credit card processing and merchant services. Someone that’s going to help you day in and day out to be successful as a business.

So reach out to us. Click below. Subscribe, we’d love to help you out or any business owners you know, and we want to take care of you at First American. And that’s How you can Increase Your Sales with Follow Ups. Thanks for reading and watch the video above

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