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Get our QB plug-in along with Fast Free Cell Phone Support!  Don’t pay a flat 3.4% fee, we’ll give you less than 1% on most debit cards! Save you $1,000s of dollars a year in credit card merchant processing fees, saving money using Quickbooks.  With Fast Dedicated 24/7 Service and Call or Text us anytime support!

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While we may be known as a merchant service payment processor for:

At much lower rates than say Stripe, Square or PayPal which charge a flat rate.  Since we can get less than 1% on most debit cards for you and save you a lot of money.

But one thing we’re not very known for, we can also do all of your payment processing through QuickBooks!  

We actually have a QuickBooks plug-in that will route all your credit cards through QuickBooks, while you get a much better rate, and even more importantly gives you MUCH better fast Free service. 

I actually just talked to 2 different companies in the last several weeks who were using the QuickBooks payment processor and just kept hearing horror stories about the high rates, but even more so some really telling stories about the difficulties of getting ahold of QuickBooks if there’s a problem or an issue.

In the process of trying to get answers and customer service.

In fact, one business owner was trying to get ahold of QuickBooks for questions about their payment processing and literally they left them a message and didn’t hear back for a week! Just on a simple question!  

And most of my customers know that you can literally CALL OR TEXT US ANYTIME 24/7 WITH OUR FAST FREE DEDICATED SERVICE & SUPPORT!

And that’s our promise to you. 

We want to take care of you. 

Heck, Most of my clients have my cell phone number! 

You can literally text us anytime you need us. And that’s the kind of service we want to give you at First American.

So if you’ve been using QuickBooks and it’s easy for your business for your accounting, great, But we’d love to take care of your payment processing for you.   

Give you much better service but also save you a ton of money in credit card fees.  Who wants to pay that stuff Anyway! 

You might think well, 1% that’s not much. But it adds up over time! 

Check this out…..

If you take 1% times say, $1,000 dollars per day in sales. That’s $360,000 dollars in sales a year or $30,000  dollars a month.  Let’s say, just in that particular case, and you take 1% of that.

Where we are able to save you hopefully by 1% across the board, thats a lot of money! 

That comes out to about $10 a day that you’re saving In Credit Card fees.

You take $10 a day times 365 that’s a lot of cash = $3,650!!

So don’t underestimate how much a little bit can save you overtime….

  • With a better processor who’s going to take care of you
  • And give you that fast dedicated personalized support
  • That you need for your business to help you grow

And help you achieve your dreams for your family.

And that’s what we want to help you do.  So while we want to help you with Point of sale systems (POS Systems), such as Clover as well as Credit card machines, obviously we can do e-commerce online website Payment Processing as well…..

We ALSO want to help you launch your business to the next level with better service and better support on for your QuickBooks processing.

Don’t go with the big guys and Intuit that  treat you like a number just….. Shoot, they’re so big that they don’t give you that personalized support that dedicated customer service that attention

And that’s the kind of service we want to give you!

Contact us today and save money on Quickbooks processing. Click down below for our contact info.  We can’t wait to talk to you soon.


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