Free EMV Chip Card Reader Disclaimer

To be eligible for a Free chip card reader, applicant must agree to a processing agreement with First American Payment Systems L.P., CardConnect or Finical Inc. Limit 1 Free Ingenico Moby 3000 card reader (or comparable reader) per Applicant. Applicant has the option to use other terminals or payment processing systems other than the chip reader, that are compatible with First American’s systems. Applicant is advised to consult a First American representative during the setup call to determine the best equipment for their business payment needs.

Shipping Disclaimer

To qualify for next day shipping from our office, the client must complete the initial set up call with a First American representative on the same day of their online submission, along with completing necessary application paperwork or docusign or FirstOnBoard, which is then subject to approval by the underwriting procedures at First American payment systems L.P, CardConnect or Finical Inc. There is no guarantee of next day shipping. However, if client completes 1) the setup call with First American on the same same day of online submission before 5pm CST, and 2) the client signs the necessary application on the same day of online submission before 5pm CST, and 3) the application is approved by corporate underwriting by the next business day at 3pm CST, then if all three of these conditions are met, the chip card reader will be shipped out the immediate next day following client online submission.

Savings Disclaimer

Of course, the savings for each merchant will vary depending on volume of transactions, types of cards they accept each month, and what processor they used before First American. The most savings is possible through our Cash Discount program which recoups all fees through a reverse discount on credit card processing. However, while it may be obvious, the fact remains that if a merchant does not process cards or uses the service sparingly or very little (when they never took credit cards before) then their savings will be significantly lower than a merchant that processes 1,000s or even 100s of transactions per month (and even more so if they switch to First American after from a processor with much higher fees.)

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