Shipping Policy
We make every effort to ship equipment as soon as possible once order has been received.  Although we cannot guarantee carrier delivery, we will ship as expediently as the order is placed by merchant (hereafter also referred to as client or visitor).

Regarding next day ship out offers, to qualify for next day shipping from our office, the client must complete the initial set up call with a First American representative on the same day of their online submission, along with completing necessary application paperwork or docusign or FirstOnBoard, which is then subject to approval by the underwriting procedures at First American payment systems L.P, CardConnect or Finical Inc.  There is no guarantee of next day shipping.  However, if client completes 1) the setup call with First American on the same same day of online submission before 5pm CST, and 2) the client signs the necessary application on the same day of online submission before 5pm CST, and 3) the application is approved by corporate underwriting by the next business day at 3pm CST, then if all three of these conditions are met, the chip card reader will be shipped out the immediate next day following client online submission.

Privacy Policy
We would like to disclose the use of Google Analytics, for which we may collect information about your computer, including your IP address, operating system and browser type, for system administration and in order to create reports. This is statistical data about our users’ browsing actions and patterns, and does not identify any individual.

The only cookies in use on our site are for Google Analytics. Google Analytics is a web analytics tool that helps website owners understand how visitors engage with their website. Google Analytics customers can view a variety of reports about how visitors interact with their website so that they can improve it. Like many other services, we use the information collected to compile reports and to help us improve our site.

Google Analytics collects information anonymously. It reports website trends without identifying individual visitors. You have the right to opt-out at any time without affecting your visit to our site. If you wish to opt-out, please refer to this Google Page . For more information on how Google uses the data collected, or how you can control information sent to Google, visit this site.

In addition, any emails, phone, addresses, financial or other information collected on this website as well as any of our other websites will be strictly confidential and not shared with any other 3rd party.  Exceptions include when state and federal government authorities make a legal request as necessary.

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