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Clover is a game changer for your business. And it has totally revolutionized and changed the industry. If you are looking for a Clover Point of Sale, then First American is where to go.

If you want a simple & easy POS with a great deal of firepower, then Clover POS is the right one just for you. This point-of-sale can streamline all your business functions with the touch of your finger.

And when it comes to service nobody beats First American. With Free SAME DAY on-site support (Yes we can really do that!) we can be there whenever you need us. And if we’re not in a meeting or an appointment, we can be there within one hour. No other processor in the country will promise you this! So that’s just another HUGE reason to go with First American if you are looking for a Clover Point of Sale.

In conclusion, with it’s sleek and professional design it will bring a glossy polished finish to your store while helping you handle all the necessary business activity that will help you be successful in the long run.

Here are some of the Clover options:

Clover Station Solo Bundle– No Cash Drawer Clover Station Solo is a powerful, all-in-one merchant POS system that has one merchant-facing screen, a receipt printer, and access to all of Clover’s software features. Clover Station Solo is a one-screen alternative to the two-screen Station Duo. This version provides connectivity via Ethernet , WiFi, or LTE. Clover Station Solo does NOT support tethering of a Mini, Flex, or NFC printer. This bundle includes a receipt printer, a starter kit. PLEASE NOTE: There is NO Cash Drawer included in this bundle
Clover Mini Wifi A Clover Mini is small-but-powerful, all-in-one payment and business management system. Mini not only features a 7″ display, built-in printer. Comes with Starter Kit. ***PIN Debit Entitlement (and fee) is required on the merchant account.
Clover Station DUO WiFi Bundle – No Cash Drawer Clover Station Duo is a powerful, customizable point-of-sale and business management system with a fixed, 14-inch, high-resolution merchant-facing screen, a merchant receipt printer, and a dedicated 7-inch customer-facing display, and access to all of Clover’s software. Through its customer-facing terminal, Station Duo features fully-integrated payment acceptance capabilities, including credit, debit, EMV, and NFC options. This version provides connectivity via ethernet or WiFi only (no LTE). This bundle includes a receipt printer and a Starter Kit. PLEASE NOTE: There is NO Cash Drawer included in this bundle
Clover Flex WiFi Clover Flex is a handheld, fully integrated mobile device with a 5 inch screen and embedded receipt printer. It accepts swipe, EMV and NFC payments. Clover Flex is highly adaptable at the counter, in line, at the table or on the go. It’s easy to hold and easy to hand over to customers to dip, swipe, sign or enter a pin. Clover Flex can be used as a mobile payment terminal or a mobile point of sale.

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